I am a research fellow at the University of Greenwich, based in the Institute of Political Economy, Governance, Finance and Accountability.  I am a member of Reteaching Economics and an associate editor at the Review of Social Economy and Review of Evolutionary Political Economy.  I can be contacted at r.g.calvertjump [at] greenwich.ac.uk.


A selection of recent papers is listed below - the full list can be found here.



  • Köhler K and Calvert Jump R. 2020. Estimating nonlinear business cycle mechanisms with linear VARs: A Monte Carlo study. SSRN Working Paper. Link.

  • Stockhammer E, Calvert Jump R, Köhler K, and Cavallero J. 2019. Short and medium term financial-real cycles: An empirical assessment. Journal of International Money and Finance, 94(June), 81-96. Link.

  • Calvert Jump R, Hommes C, and Levine P. 2019. Learning, heterogeneity, and complexity in the New Keynesian model. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 166(October), 446-470. Link.

  • Calvert Jump R and Levine P. 2019. Behavioural New Keynesian models. Journal of Macroeconomics, 59(March), 59-77. Link.​

Political economy

  • Calvert Jump R and Michell J. 2020. Deprivation and the electoral geography of Brexit.  Working Paper. Link.

  • Calvert Jump R and Michell J. 2019. Education and the geography of Brexit. SSRN Working Paper (r&r Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties). Link.

  • Calvert Jump R and Michell J. 2019. Educational attainment and the Brexit vote. Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space, 52(5), 826-832. Link.


Public policy

  • Calvert Jump R and Michell J. 2020. Inside the black box: the public finances after coronavirus. IPPR Policy Brief. LinkSite.​

  • Calvert Jump R and Naqvi N. 2019. Financial and legal barriers to the creation and operation of a British national investment bank. UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose Policy Report WP 2019-07. Link, Blog.

  • Calvert Jump R. 2018. Better models of business ownership. In Economics for the Many, McDonnell (ed.), London, Verso. Link.

  • Contributor to Alternative Models of Ownership. Labour Party Report 2017. Link.

  • Contributor to A National Investment Bank for Britain. Labour Party Report 2017. Link.

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